Paul Parker-Johnson

Principal Analyst

Office: +1.978.387.8023

Role: Responsible for AI, Analytics and Continuous Optimization in Digitally Powered Enterprise Syndicated and Consulting Division

Experience: 30+ years in in the telecom industry

Paul Parker-Johnson (PJ) leads ACG’s research on active AI, analytics and continuous optimization in digitally powered enterprises. Sectors receiving special focus are manufacturing (multiple subsectors, including process and discrete), logistics/distribution/supply chains, energy production/distribution and healthcare. His research considers enhancements to end-system designs and the software applications that manage them. Improved results from innovations in ICT supporting OT including network, edge/cloud compute, and storage/data management are analyzed. Special consideration is placed on linking whole organizations’ operations via data models, APIs and KPIs.  A unique focus is analyzing the impact achievable in using always on, active AI and analytics pipelines focused on optimizing results and exploring opportunities for achieving even more. 

Prior to focusing on optimizations in digital transformation PJ led ACG’s entry into multiple research domains, expanding on the firm’s original focus in routing, switching and optical network infrastructures (which continue as vital parts of the firm’s portfolio). He developed ACG’s practices in SDN for both wide area transport and data center networks; analysis of software-defined, cloud-native data center infrastructures; and analysis of distributed edge and multi-cloud computing solutions.  Each is an ongoing area of competence and focus for the firm, and related to his current work by the role of those infrastructures in supporting digital transformations.



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