Huawei ADN & TM Forum AN Vision: An Evaluation

This article evaluates the goals, philosophy, and implementation path of the Huawei Autonomous Driving Network product plan vision against industry criteria as established in the TM Forum Autonomous Networks vision, as articulated in its AN2.0 release from October 2020.

This paper builds on the foundation laid in a previous ACG Research paper Autonomous Networks: Now is the Time, which describes the TM Forum AN vision, articulates a set of current challenges to implementing the vision, and presents possible responses to the challenges. This paper evaluates the Huawei ADN against the TM ForumAN vision in three areas: goals, architecture, and implementation approach. I also introduce a new set of requirements from the need for the ADN/AN to be the underpinning of a larger Intelligent Composable Fabric for enterprise digital transformation across communications, distributed computing and storage infrastructure, generic technology packages, cross-industry enterprise digital enablement applications, and industry-specific software applications

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Aug. 11, 2020

Special-purpose networks, such as IP-VPNs, SD-WANs, and low-latency trading networks have been offered by CSPs for many years but engender large extra capex and opex costs. Re-imagining these networks as slices of a common network infrastructure promises to decrease the capex cost, but makes them more complex to plan, instantiate, and manage across the network domains. Moreover, the requirements of network slicing extend across every area of the network as well as network and business operations and the supporting OSS and BSS software systems. It will be a long journey. ACG Research is studying and following these journeys by the standards bodies, service providers, and vendors as they create the sliced network of the future.