ACG Innovation Spotlight with Rotem Salomonovitch of Nuage Networks

Paul Parker-Johnson, ACG Research, and Rotem Salomonovitch, Nuage Networks, discuss the cloud and how it is changing the way businesses consume and share information. The trouble with the cloud is its not ubiquitous; it is made up of distinct islands of capability. The compute resides in the data center, and the consumers reside remotely, in the offices and branches of corporations or at the households and on the move. In the car, on the train, at the airport (or even on the plane). These users, the consumers of the data in the cloud are mobile and that means this is a global problem.

The fabric that links the information flow across and through the cloud is based on static networking models, models that have not fundamentally changed for over 20 years; technology has evolved but the fundamental architectures have remained the same.

Nuage Networks has shown that with SDN we can remove the static constraints within and across the data center to unleash the speed of consumption of information within the cloud. We now need to provide the same seamless environment for the branch environment and to improve the dynamic nature of the wide area network.

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