Right Partner: Key to a Successful Digital Transformation

To succeed in a tumultuous marketplace, service providers need to transform their companies for the digital age

Competition, customer expectations, declining revenues, and obsolete infrastructures are driving operators to adopt new technologies that will transform not only their networks, but their entire businesses. This transformation is unlike any prior upgrade cycle they have gone through. Even the migration to IP was not as far reaching in scope and complexity. This time is truly different in that the changes affect not only the network infrastructure, but also the entire product life-cycle, the business operating environment, the type of services they offer, and the skills they need to run the business. To mitigate the probability of failure, service providers need to select the right partner and to work closely with that partner throughout the transformation journey. Here are the main criteria to consider in selecting the partner:

  • Global scale
  • Breadth and depth of product portfolio
  • Strong services organization
  • Fully integrated solutions with a strong program management capability
  • Ability to offer a continuum of support through the entire process
  • Ability to offer staff supplementation and training
  • Track record of innovation
  • Solid security focus, which permeates the product and service offerings
  • Business support capabilities

Having selected the partner, the service provider should engage in a long-term, deep relationship with the partner. Digital transformation is not a one-step process but a continuum of changes that will take years and impact all aspect of the business. The selection of the right partner should ideally be made in the very early stages of the planning process and be maintained and indeed expanded as the process unfolds. A successful digital transformation is essential for the operator’s long-term success.


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