Domain Control & Orchestration Syndicated Research

Domain Control & Orchestration Syndicated Research

Domain Control & Orchestration Syndicated Research


ACG’s Domain Control and Orchestration research focuses on the emerging market for software systems for automated network provisioning and assurance.  We have named this new category Domain Control and Orchestration (DCO). DCO implementations are emerging as communications service providers (CSPs), systems integrators (SIs), network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) and independent software vendors (ISVs) work to implement autonomously controlled software-defined networks that provide elastic, flexible network infrastructures to support new types of connectivity and advanced digital services.

CSP networks are large and complex with multiple interworked technologies, requiring multiple skill sets and tools to manage them effectively. To manage and evolve these networks typically requires their deployment be divided into domains, often by technology (such as optical or IP/MPLS or carrier Ethernet), by service (such as SD-WAN or residential broadband), by geography, or along organizational boundaries. A tiered management structure has evolved that seeks to automate provisioning and assurance functionality within a domain (using domain controllers and applications) as well as across domains (using cross-domain functionality often called orchestration software). 

The need to refine and evolve these implementations is creating the new DCO category, replacing old EMS, NMS, and many OSS systems, and enhancing recently begun initiatives in SDN and NFV with many rapidly evolving vendor offerings.

Service Deliverables

The service currently covers three domains: 

  • Packet/Optical Transport Domain
  • IP/MPLS and Segment Routing Domain
  • SD-WAN Domain

And comprises:

  • Two bi-annual market analysis reports & briefings
  • Two bi-annual worldwide forecast reports
  • Two topical reports per year
  • Analyst access for quotes
  • Optional additional analyst access (amount by mutual agreement) and services
  • Optional custom research topics analysis (timing, focus and scope by mutual agreement)

 Additional analyst access and services: clients can arrange additional analyst engagement time for special topics coverage that are pertinent to clients’ plans by mutual agreement.  Additional access can cover key technological, market development/adoption, and client positioning/go-to-market planning topics. The format can be via web meeting/conference or in-person. Cost of additional access is proportional to the value and complexity of the additional ask. White papers, webinars, customer use cases and profiles, and custom client video interviews are available. 

Optional custom research topics analysis: clients can engage ACG to conduct special investigations to obtain greater detail on the issue than is achievable in the baseline sector research.  Timing, scope and cost of such optional add-ons is arrived at based on mutual discussion and agreement. Delivery can be in line with or asynchronous to the bi-annual cadence of the baseline research. Customized CSP surveys and many forms of economic analysis are also available.

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