Hot Seat Videos

Hot Seat Videos

HotSeat Videos

ACG offers three levels of its video services to fit your marketing objectives and budgetary needs:

HotSeat: The HotSeat is a one to six minute video featuring your product or services or topic of choice. An ACG analyst and your rep discuss the key points and advantages of your product.

Whiteboard: The whiteboard video is a more in-depth video, seven to 15 minutes, that focuses on your products, services, industry trends, etc. An ACG analyst and your rep use an actual whiteboard to outline concepts related to your topic. This video is a deep dive into the issues significant to you and your company.

Spotlight Innovation: This 15 to 25 minute video focuses in fundamental innovations of your product, service, and platform that enable its value to be delivered. Our ACG analyst and your rep highlight the nature of the innovations and their role in enabling the value proposition. We work with you to develop an exact script, which can involve additional props or methods of illustration such as white board or embedded animation diagrams (beyond conversation), and may involve more than one subject matter expert.
Ideal for training your sales teams!
Why a video?
Videos have the advantage of:
  • Easy and quick to digest content
  • Time is money: Busy people prefer to spend 2-3 minutes watching a video than spending 15-20 minutes reading text
  • Place them on your website, ACG’s website or anywhere on the Internet to get maximum online exposure
  • Optimize to rank on the top of search engine result pages, giving your company instant exposure
  • Bring new opportunities to service providers to enrich their business network offerings and enable their customers to take full advantage of emerging application architectures
  • Highlighting areas of efficiency, versatility, scale & differentiation that your product/service/topic will bring to service provider adopters

All levels of videos offer ACG distribution services. We send a link of your video to our distribution lists, post a blog and a link announcing your video as well as put it on our company site. 

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