Multi-Access Edge Computing

Multi-Access Edge Computing

Edge computing is an application of computational resources at sites that are within a short radius, or distance, from the endpoints they are serving. It is a new type of deployment by virtue of its supporting functions that, largely, have not been possible before.

It is multi-access because edge computing may be deployed on enterprises’ premises directly, as well as within the infrastructures of service providers ranging from communications to inter-exchange to cloud computing and application provider sites.  

Edge applications are intimately related to the operation of other components that have a bearing on their success: cloud-based applications, access + transport networks, and infrastructure and service automation software used to manage their deployments, as examples.

Yet because of the intimate relationship of the edge applications to their end customer and endpoint environments, and the ecosystems they harness to accomplish their deployments, developments in edge computing form an emerging category of offerings which merit their own investigation and understanding.

Our MEC research analyzes use cases, topologies, enabling technologies at each layer of the related stacks, the platform and solution designs being adopted for MEC, and their uptake in different operator and vertical sector environments. 

This research analyzes uptake timing and patterns, buyer priorities, vendor solution offerings and differentiations, ecosystem value chains, and the economic underpinnings of where, why and when MEC deployments will make sense. 

  • Vendor revenue forecasts in the related infrastructure categories are supplied.
  • A cadence of in-depth analyses of enabling technologies, use cases gaining adoption, operator approaches in supporting the solutions, and ecosystem dynamics is supplied.
  • Information exchange with our team in advance of the delivery of reports and review/discussion time subsequent to their delivery are available and provided as desired.
  • Additional time for discussion + exploration of specific topics in detail can be arranged as an optional retainer or add-on to the syndication.

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