SDN in Data Center, Telco Cloud/NFV and Hybrid/Multi-Cloud Environments 

This syndication analyzes use cases, deployment scenarios, technology developments, open source community developments, operator deployment approaches, and vendor product offerings in the market for SDN solutions in private and hybrid multicloud data centers.


Developments in overlay virtual networking for communications supporting VMs, containers, bare metal servers, and their interconnections with northbound cloud management platforms as well as with external networking environments are addressed.

Developments in physical data center switching and routing fabrics are also researched. This includes both open hardware designs such as those agreed to in the OCP; white-box platforms brought to market based on those specifications; open source network operating system software (such as SONiC and Free Range Routing); as well as proprietary, integrated networking systems and nodes that closely couple both hardware and operating system software.

Developments in open source communities such as Open Daylight, DPDK, VPP, ONF and OPNFV are factored into our research.

Forecasts of the uptake for vendor and open source, white-box offerings are made. Analysis of vendor market shares are done.

Information exchange with our team in advance of the delivery of reports and review/discussion time subsequent to their delivery are available and provided as desired.

Additional time for discussion + exploration of specific topics in detail can be arranged as an optional retainer or add-on to the syndication.

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