ACG Research offers two types of workshops:

1. Service Creation Workshops:  In this type we assist clients with strategic service creation via interactive workshops. By utilizing the knowledge of experts, help clients align thoughts, goals and objectives of their management team, bring in the most recent and relevant thinking from experts, ensure that all issues are covered, and, above all, make breakthrough progress on issues that seem to be stuck in internal discussions. Our expert analysts design and conduct workshops to achieve your company's objectives for:    

2. Strategy + Action Planning Workshops: These sessions provide the following:



  • Developing scenarios for the industry
  • Creating new products and services
  • Identifying and making strategic choices for the direction of the firm 
  • Evaluating new markets
  • Developing technology strategy
  • Identifying diversification opportunities
  • Half-day to two days with client/staff responsible for decision making and external experts
  • Incorporate techniques to encourage broad-based creative thinking and problem identification
  • Focus the discussion to identify actionable choices 

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