F5: Business Cases

F5 Networks' solution delivers data center consolidation, DDos and S-Gi mobile network simplification.

Business Case for S-Gi Mobile Network Simplification: F5 provides a unified solution for delivery of S/Gi services. An S/Gi network simplification use case compared an alternative point products solution to the F5 unified solution. It shows that the F5 solution has 36% lower TCO.

Business Case for F5 DDoS Consolidated Solution: F5 provides a comprehensive DDoS mitigation solution using a two-tier (L3-4 and L7) architecture. As compared to a solution using multiple point products over five years it has 81% lower TCO, 80% lower capex and 82% lower opex.

Business Case for Data Center Network ConsolidationF5 provides a unified data center networking solution that delivers multiple services over a common hardware and software framework.  It uses a common hardware and software framework to deliver multiple services. This simplifies the configuration and management of network resources without any hardware restrictions.

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