Digital Transformation: Telco Playbook

The service providers’ industry is undergoing a profound disruption, which is driving increased competitive dynamics and causing tepid revenue growth, shrinking margins and high churn. Their businesses are increasingly challenged by nimble competitors, such as webscalers, that operate in an environment that is not hampered by legacy infrastructure, entrenched methods and procedures, a methodical and deliberate go-to-market approach that lacks agility and the ability to iterate the product to make sure it meets the customer’s needs. Service providers need to become deft to compete in a digital marketplace, to drive new revenue, and to bring their expenses more in line with their revenue. At the same time, changes in technology (cloud, virtualization), as well as the importance of connectivity in most industry verticals, added to the service providers’ woes, have created the impetus for change. Many SPs have embarked on a journey to transform themselves to continue to be relevant in the digital economy. For more information on services, contact sales@acgcc.com.

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