Juniper Networks’ AppFormix: Intent-Driven Cloud-Scale Infrastructure

Today, we live in a cloud-centric world with cloud-native applications and services reaching hundreds of millions of users globally via massive data centers located around the world. Until recently, the cloud has been the domain of a relatively small number of web-scale giants, cloud computing platforms, cloud-native businesses and global software companies. However, enterprises are now migrating IT applications to hybrid clouds and network service providers are reducing costs and increasing service agility by deploying cloud-scale platforms to support Network Functions Virtualization. Traditional monitoring solutions rooted in legacy infrastructure are not well suited to the real-time, full stack monitoring requirements of today’s cloud-scale infrastructure. Moreover, existing tools are operator-centric and not intended to directly facilitate automated orchestration in response to constantly changing conditions. Read how Juniper Networks’ AppFormix, an innovative, intent-driven cloud-scale infrastructure management system that leverages the inherently distributed nature of cloud-scale computing infrastructure to streamline analytics processing, addresses these issues.


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