Orchestrating Dynamic Enterprise Services

Overcoming the Challenges of SD-WAN and vCPE Mass Deployment: An ACG White Paper

In order to adapt to changing customer expectations and increasing competition from a new generation of cloud and content-based service providers, network service providers are evolving their static, purpose-built networks into dynamic, agile ones based upon software defined networking  and network function virtualization  technologies.

Service providers have 14 top challenges, which are identified and analyzed across the dimensions of business, technical, operational and organizational. For the SP’s launch of competitive SD-WAN and/or Enterprise vCPE services, corresponding solution attributes are identified that address those 14 top challenges.

Service providers need to consider those 14 top challenges when determining their strategy for launching SD-WAN and/or Enterprise vCPE services.  Those challenges and the strategy they develop will then guide them in assessing how well various solutions’ attributes will enable them to launch competitive services.  For example, they might decide to seek a comprehensive end-to-end solution that includes automation while covering both SD-WAN and vCPE so that they can quickly and efficiently serve the broader market, including out-of-region services.

Although service providers have reason to be concerned about the numerous business, technical, operational and organizational challenges associated with the mass commercial deployment of Dynamic Enterprise Services, by enumerating these challenges, asking difficult questions of potential partners and identifying desirable solution attributes, service providers can overcome their challenges and successfully transform their static, hardware-centric network into an agile, dynamic one with increased service velocity and profitability.

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