Using Open Virtual RANs in 5G

In-Depth Views on Operators' Perspectives and the Economic Benefits of O-RAN

Mobile network operators are engaged in a far-reaching evolution of their infrastructures toward support of 5G. Enabling these deployments involves significant upgrades to their capacities, functionality, and footprints of their networks.

Among other parts, this involves a substantial evolution of their radio access networks with the adoption of 5G New Radio technologies and the capabilities to support them. To help operators create the most effective deployments for their 5G RANs, Dell and Intel engaged ACG Research to conduct independent interviews with operators about their perspectives toward open RAN deployments.

The result was two papers, an analysis and a TCO, that highlight the findings from these interviews and provides insights to help operators determine the most effective alternatives they can pursue in deploying their 5G RANs. 

Click to download Paul Parker-Johnson's paper Using Open Virtual RANS in 5G: Operators' Perspectives and Economic Analysisand Peter Fetterolf's paper The Economic Benefits of Open RAN Technology

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