Expanding What's Possible in Digital Transformation: Becoming More Agile, Innovative & Efficient Using ICFs to Power Your DX

Paul Parker-Johnson and Ray Mota discuss how digital transformation is introducing important new capabilities in numerous industry sectors and at many levels of operations. When they are successful they add efficiency and productivity to the activities they are focused on. But like many types of innovation, in the early stages they have been focused on relatively narrow scopes of implementation, producing modest gains.

Although this is natural it has tended to produce islands of progress, less fully integrated than they could be, and workflows still somewhat fragmented in support of organizations' overall goals.

What if it were possible to eliminate the barriers to those operations being more fully connected, always on, pervasively informed by analytics and AI, and working on continuous optimization of each task, driven by the most important KPIs and the organization's intent?

The forward-looking model of intelligent composable fabrics–connected from end user and end system to every application and KPI, linked with and enabled by multiple clouds–provides the technological framework for achieving exactly that in multiple sectors, multiple operating domains, and in a design integrating heterogeneous end systems and applications into synchronized, intent-driven operations.

Get started on your journey of creating your own intelligent fabric by listening in to this introductory session describing its fundamentals. Pick up the essentials of its framework, and tune in to ongoing sessions that look into its use in many industry cases, and in multiple areas of technology that make a working ICF possible.

Click to download the ICF conceptual framework whitepaper. 

To discuss this topic in more depth or schedule a meeting with our analyst, contact PJ at pj@acgcc.com.

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