NOW is the time to embrace a more agile service delivery platform

The path to continuous innovation is clear. NOW is the time to embrace more agile and openly architected service delivery platforms Under the umbrella of NFV the industry has researched whether networks can become as agile as the cloud. We have performed extensive specification, development and proof-of-concept testing to evaluate whether NFV will support network and application services with the flexibility we need. Having proven the feasibility of running numerous types of network functions and services in lab tests and trials, it is now time to put the platforms to use in progressively larger deployments and determine how well they meet broader service delivery goals. In addition, knowing the range of approaches developers have taken toward implementing the virtualized model, it is timely for operators to compare the effectiveness of the alternatives they have considered. One prominent Tier 1 service provider did such a comparison based on extensive analysis and testing to deploy NFV at scale in its national services infrastructure. The model it chose as the foundation for its deployment is based on open, modular and extensible designs for the key elements in its service delivery infrastructure. In an interview at MWC 2017 Paul Parker-Johnson and Mehdi Sif of Dell EMC discuss the highlights of ACG's recent study of this NFV deployment and the findings. Find out how your organization can transition to a more agile service delivery platform that will help your organization become more innovative. Click to download the whitepaper CREATING AGILITY & EFFICIENCY AT SCALE_ACG 2017. For more on quantifying the economic advantages of open architecture NFV designs join ACG and partners for a webinar on April 18. 




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